Services for People on the Go

We proudly offer an array of services to meet your transportation needs. Whether you’re travelling on business, assuring guests get home safely after a night of festivities or just needing something picked up at a store, Vancouver Taxi Ltd can help. (just ask our client agents)

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates make getting around town simple and convenient.  Our Gift Certificates are redeemable for taxi services in all our taxis.
Here are some of the convenient ways to use our Gift Certificates:

  • Don’t risk a DUI…carry Gift Certificates for a safe ride home.
  • Great stocking stuffers or birthday presents
  • Gifts for friends and co-workers
  • Elderly parents or visiting relatives will love the freedom to travel anywhere within Metro Vancouver.

Our Gift Certificates come in $5-$10-$20 denominations and you just present them to the taxi driver as if they were cash to pay for your ride. Order your Gift Certificates today, it’s easy and fast!

Contact Vancouver Taxi Ltd Accounts at 604-664-0433.

Corporate Accounts

Vancouver Taxi Ltd offers corporate accounts to businesses of all types and sizes. If you open a corporate account with us, you can count on exceptional service and a system that streamlines cab orders and billings for the rides taken by your employees and guests. Our monthly invoices allow you to track each user’s name and charges related to their individual trips.

To access cab rides, our office will issue your company numbered vouchers for distribution to your employees and guests (as you see fit). The taxi rider gives the voucher to the cab driver as payment for his or her trip. Or the rider can just give the account number to the driver who will fill out a voucher with pertinent information on behalf of the rider. The vouchers are good for any trips within the Metro Vancouver area. You will be accessing a taxi service that is committed to providing the most reliable, prompt and courteous taxi cab rides in the city.

To open the corporate account, Contact Gen. Manager at 604-664-0430.


Package Delivery

Want to get that package delivered immediately? Vancouver Taxi  is the answer! We pick up your package, and take it straight over to the recipient. No stops. No putting your package in another vehicle that will get it there in 3 hours, just immediate service. Delivery companies charge a premium fee for immediate service. With Vancouver Taxi Ltd, it’s direct fast and no extra charge. Call us at 604-871-1111

Lost Items

Do you think you may have left your briefcase, cell phone, jacket, etc. in the cab?
Vancouver Taxi Ltd takes great pride in the prompt return of lost items. Many times our drivers have even tracked down passengers at their drop off location to return items that were left behind. Or you can arrange to come by our offices at 790 Clark Drive, Vancouver to claim your lost item.

In the event that you have lost an item in one of our taxi cabs please call us immediately. The sooner we hear from you the greater our chances of having your property returned to you quickly.
You can contact one of our representatives at (604) 669-5555

When you call please relay as much information about the item as possible. Cab numbers are very important. Be sure to note the cab number each time you enter or exit a vehicle. Date, time and drop off location are also very important pieces of information which will help expedite the recovery of your lost item. We are not responsible for any items left in our taxi cabs.